How i Got 1 Million Youtube Views in 62 Days (And What I Learned)

Accidentally? I think not.

One day, I watched the movie Sausage Party. It’s a talking-food cartoon with strong language, definitely not for kids.

So after watching the movie, I was thinking that maybe some scenes from that movie are on YouTube. The movie was released five months before that moment. The only thing there was the trailer of the movie. I was searching for one crazy scene, and nobody uploaded an actual scene. Maybe because of the fear of copyright infringement?

The scene was looking like a cartoonish version of Saving Private Ryan, so I decided to cut that scene from the actual movie and to upload in my channel.


After a short period of time, the video went viral and now it has 3 million views.

What does that mean?

Well, I described in the description: “This is a perfect example of an SEO optimized video. It has the perfect title, the right tags, and the most important, it’s uploaded at the perfect moment. In the first two months there were 1 million views, and now still have SEO traffic.”


I learned that if there is a gap in the market for some piece of content, you probably are missing the train.

So go and catch the next one.

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