The Meaning of SEO

Hi, I’m Daniel Talevski, I can find philosophy in every possible thing, and I will try to explain it to literally everyone.

As once Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

In this post, you will understand what is SEO, the types of Search Engine Optimization, why it’s important, and all philosophy behind this “thing”.

Firstly, I will break the article into little pieces because in that way your mind can easily process the information.


What is SEO?

Every article gives you only a short explanation without the real philosophy behind it.

Well, in short, they say “you must optimize your keywords, add alt tags and other things” but the real Search Engine Optimization is a tough process in which you will try every possible technique for your website to appear at first Google page.

Are the things more complex than that? Maybe we are the ones that do the all “overcomplication”.


Here’s an example from your perspective when you search at Google.

You are entering the keywords…



google search aristotle

And here are the search results…

who is aristotle search results

Why it’s important?

I will break this into the facts.

Fact 1. To rank on the first Google page is the most important thing for every business.

Fact 2. Google is the first most used search engine in the world.

Fact 3. Very high percentage of the people are clicking on the first or second result.

You can see that the first two results on the picture are from and

What does that mean?

That means they are old authoritative websites and they have many links naturally attached to other websites.

This can be easily explained by the tree and his roots.


Good roots – good tree.

seo tree
The tree art is downloaded from (a very nice archive with free and paid professional pictures)


The links (roots) outside of your website are called backlinks. That process is called Off-Site SEO.


There are three types of SEO and you need only ONE

Black Hat SEO 

That is the worst SEO process. There are tools who can generate unnatural links, article spinners, RSS feed syndicators, they will simply try to copy-paste the text content and spin the words to look like “original” but it’s not, they use the content from free article libraries. Some Black Hat SEO’s are spamming with the same off-topic comment on every possible website with some untrustworthy URL. You need high-quality traffic, not a bunch of click-and-leave people. With Black Hat SEO, you can even get a penalty, and your content will be nowhere in Google search results. For me, that is not the best thing. It’s an easy short-term technique that makes your site ugly, and your reputation bad.

Grey Hat SEO

This is same as black, but using less dramatic techniques like using the same keyword more often (and annoy people so much so they quit reading) or fill up your site with every possible sharing button, so they “inevitably” share your content. This is, ugh, okay, but not the best. 

White Hat SEO

This is the best technique and I think is based on human nature. Just write. Write the best content. Spend your money on learning new things, not on an automatic software who can do all job for you, write your words naturally, contribute to humanity.

You can do better with your own content because that’s how you are connected with people psychically and even on the emotional level. Your brain is like a muscle, writing your own content is exercise.

The thing you need to find out is what people are searching for, and immediately find the solution for their needs.

Again, you need to write really good content on your website, who will REALLY satisfy the readers, and they will share your content everywhere, and talk about it. You will give them the best value, your epic words, and know what? Google and Bing will quickly find about that. It’s 2018. Their algorithm is very advanced. They will scan your website, see that your content is shared everywhere, they will see the comments, your words are spread on many high-quality websites and slowly you will become enough valuable to appear in the first results.


White Hat SEO is “stop the overcomplication” process, that means, boy, go spend your time more effectively.

You can be a short-term hacker or long-term content king. 

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